Iran and opportunity in textile industry, due to low energy costs, and higher costs of clothes in global market.

DataSet as a DataBase

Using a DataSet as a database and store that directly on desk. Before storage, some encryption and compression can also be made. The whole process can be optimized to reduce desk accesses and RAM usage. A DataSet can be managed to be stored in more than one file, each once containing a distinct set of tables. The tables can be grouped in files to reduce desk accesses and Ram consumption.

DataReader as a DataSource

DataReader can be used as a data source to a control, so no need of while loop for getting for getting data into a control.

Believe in God

If I believe in God, then I must struggle to know much more about God, and about why God made us and so on.

A Simple Story

Once I saw a man with out any legs. He was in great trouble. When I reached near him, I greeted but he did not respond, may be due to being deaf. I thought that I should help him. So I asked him whether he was doing any treatment. He replied that he was a poor person and had no family or friends. I offered him for treatment in a good hospital. He told that several people had already placed the offer but he did not accepted anyone, as they all demanded for a specific service. They had also warned that if he told about that secret service, they will kill him in a much harsh way. He was very afraid. I thought that though he was a disable man and was in much trouble, yet he loved life and was afraid of death. I asked him about this and his reply shocked me. He said that though he was in a big trouble, he was trying to reduce it and he was successful in his effort to some extent. More, he wanted no more trouble.