Why should not world hate US?

It is a matter of record that even after more than five years of his arrest, the US government has refused to try the alleged mastermind of 9/11, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, in a normal civil federal court.

Why would the US government not pursue the Al Qaeda money trail leading to 9/11 attacks? Why would the CIA destroy video tapes containing hundreds of hours of interrogations of Al Qaeda detainees in Guantanamo Bay? Why would it obstruct independent investigation by members of the US Congress? Why would the Pentagon and the CIA not try Khalid and other Al Qaeda members in a normal court?

These are crucial and extremely important questions. Unless the US can answer these critical questions, its critics can rightfully and legitimately question its theory that Al Qaeda has safe havens in Pakistan.

In the past, the US intelligence had concluded that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. That was a lie that has been so well documented that it needs no further comment. The real motive was to conquer Iraq and control its oil fields.

In October 2007, President Bush had suggested that a nuclear-armed Iran could lead to “World War III” and Vice President Dick Cheney promised “serious consequences” if the government in Tehran did not abandon its nuclear program. But the US establishment and its intelligence agencies had decided to shift their focus away from Iran. In December 2007, a National Intelligence Estimate that represented the consensus view of all 16 American spy agencies, concluded that Iran halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003 and that the program remained frozen, contradicting its own judgment in 2005 that Tehran was working relentlessly toward building a nuclear bomb.

Given that the US has thus far failed to establish the responsibility for 9/11 attacks, the fact that there has been no attack by Al Qaeda on the US soil since 9/11, the real motive behind Iraq War, and the systematic disinformation campaign about Iran’s nuclear program, it is perfectly logical to question the real motives of the US policy in Pakistan.

Ref: [http://www.thenews.com.pk/daily_detail.asp?id=140670]

Some other Questions:

  • Who will suffer from all of this?
  • Is the new coming government of US seems to make the situation worse?
  • If yes, then who is responsible?
  • System, Media, American People, Congress, Democracy, who?

Thats why US is hated by world…

The thing about this statement was that it hardly lay in the mouth of the American president to condemn the Palestinians for an attack in which Israeli civilians died when no US president – neither Bush nor Clinton nor any of their predecessors – has ever condemned any Israeli government for attacks by Israeli military forces against Palestinian civilians, such as the artillery bombardment carried out by the Israeli army against a UN observers compound in southern Lebanon a few years ago in which more than 100 Palestinian civilians, including women and children, who had taken shelter in the compound, were killed. That, too, was the deliberate act of murder of innocent civilians. So why didn’t the US government condemn it? Was it because the victims in that case were Palestinian civilians?

A moral position can only be considered moral when it is applied equally across the board to incidents of a similar nature. Thus when the US condemns Palestinian attacks against Israeli civilians, it must, by the same token, condemn Israeli attacks against Palestinian civilians. Yet it doesn’t. It never has, and there is nothing to suggest that it ever will – unless the influence of the powerful Israeli lobby in Washington diminishes to the point that American politicians are no longer afraid to speak out against Israel when it does something wrong, such as killing Palestinian civilians. So strong is the Israeli lobby, however, that the possibility of such a change of heart ever occurring in America remains remote.

Ref: [http://www.thenews.com.pk/daily_detail.asp?id=140692]

This also destroys the image of Jews, and people in world think that everything Israel is doing is by Jews and for Jews. Jews are requested to take these maters serious as it is showing them as a root of all evils.

Tragedy of Poor Nations

Alas, the poor nations contact rich nations to get some advices to reduce their troubles. The rich ones, yes the civilized, champions of human-rights, deceive them by giving wrong advices, making the problems of poor people everlasting. It’s the rich nations who give shelter to the corrupt people and those who have sucked bloods of poor people of poor nations. The riches have made plans to continuously exploit, suppress, and keep the poor in dark forever.

Increase in Prices of Energy Sources

The current government is increasing prices of electricity, gas, and oil, on demands from Europe to make economy stable. This shows how much illiterate third world countries’ governments are and how much insincere the developed nations are with the backward ones. Increasing prices of the power sources will stop economic activities and the common man will be in trouble. This also shows that most of the troubles of a common man faces here are due to western world.

The Poor Americans….

Americans attack continuously on Pakistan territories and kills hundreds of innocent people. The government is doing nothing. It seems that our prime minister is an agent of America. How foolish are Americans that they kill hundreds of innocent people on daily basis and are wondering that why the world is hating them.

A great threat to a society

The bribe. These are the people who are always in search of shortcuts and making lives of common people like hell. They are like cancer viruses that destroy the body of a nation. The secret agencies of a nation must try to vanish them as soon and ruthlessly as possible, as such people are the biggest source of the worst conspiracies against the society and nation.