Zardari should be stopped from Cricket

Pakistan Peoples Party has been failed to act in Pakistan interests. They are giving a tough time to Pakistani people through continuous increases in the prices of Gas, Oil, and Electricity.

And they have also destroyed Pakistan Cricket and Hockey teams. They are continuously interrupting the administrations of the Cricket and Hockey authorities. Let the authorities be autonomous and let them work freely, just like the sports authorities in the developed countries.

What the Hell is PASPK

When you look the title, the Pakistan Academy of Sciences, it seems a very big institute. Even if it is a big one, then why its site is too small. I think these guys are setting in their air-conditioned rooms and just thinking about the science in Pakistan.

Their site should have at least an active forum for users to interact with them online.

Pakistan is in the current state of troubles by such people.

Great online Pakistan Think Tank

The Pakistan Think Tank is a great site, with different articles.
It has a comprehensive forum as well.