Love and Programming

Once a friend told me that when anyone falls in love, then s/he thinks all the time about the lover. I thought about it a little and then come up with the following short story after putting myself in the situation.

I am a programmer. I have 45 minutes walk back to my place at evening. I like it to have sticky problems and solving them. I think about different stuff on that walk and i enjoy this. one day i felt that i fell in love with my coworker. She is a pretty girl and very nice. She is like to be respected and loved. I was in love. i did not know how and why, but i was. It had all the symptoms of true love, and i started to like the junky poetry on SMSes. I felt the true love, the itch, you know! I just don’t know anything else.
One day i thought all the way about her. next day again. But at the end, i got bored of it. What the hell! I have no other thing to think about. At the end of the day, i wasn’t happy like when i solve some tricky problem or have an amazing idea. i missed the thinking i have on the walk about programming problems i have and newer ideas. I got depressed. I stopped thinking about her. I wanted to do programming and the true love thing might take this away from me. it might give me temporary joy but will take the happiness and the feeling away i have when i am a true programmer.

Am i mis-interpreting the love thing or do programmers really don’t want to get in that shit.