Pakistan Army is Popular in Pakistan because…

From beginning, India is a constant threat to Pakistan and its sovereignty. India has exploited every opportunity to opportunity Pakistan, which made Pak Army more popular in Pakistani people.

Until now, it is the most deciplined disciplined organised, and well trusted department in Pakistan. It has arrived to help in all bad situations, and helped more than expected. It has left all the other organizations very behind, which is apparent in the current flood situation.

Though, in politics, Pakistan Army record is not too good, but mainly it is due to the some adventurous generals. Due to the few generals in past, it is wrong to blame the whole army for everything.

One the other side, when we see the performance of Pakistan Army in its own field, it is one of the best military in the world. In limited budget and equipment, Pakistan Army defended Pakistan from India on one side, and on the other side it fought against the terrorists in Swat, Dir, and Bunir districts. For anti-terrorism, Pakistan Army was not properly trained, but its performance was much higher than those of US and NATO.

US Army and NATO have the most advanced military and related equipment in the world and they are fighting the Afghan Taliban who use the out-dated weapons, and still Afghan Taliban are in winning position. On the other hand, Pakistani Taliban had unexpectedly advanced guns and communication systems and Pakistan Army is not too advanced in weapons and communications, but still Pakistan Army was able to eliminate the Pakistani Taliban. Their leaders escaped to Afghanistan besides the sealed border by NATO and US Army.

All of this makes Pakistan Army one of the best military in the world and very popular in Pakistani people.


  1. Altaf Hussain said,

    October 18, 2010 at 4:26 pm

    I just want to explain you that who is making terroristic activities.

    Several media reports shows and i also saw this my own,

    a) They have dollar currency
    b) They are not Muslims
    c) Have American weapons
    b) Have Americans Weapons boxes

    So all these above shows that these Talibns are just created by India and America to destroy Pakistan.
    America and India ( i mean Govts not most civil people ) are and will be never our friends. America and India want to destroy Pakistan Nuclear Program , but they will never.
    You think that Pakistan has terroristic activities in India and Pakistani attacked India, just remember that

    1) Who attacked Pakistan in 1965 and before this date ?
    2) Who attacked Pakistan in 1971 and break it in two parts and who helped India in this (USA) ?
    3) Who stopped Pakistani Rivers Water?
    4) Who always escape from the conferences about Kashmir?
    5) Who are helping Baluchistani Militants ?
    6) Why there are too much offices of India in Afghanistan near Pak Border areas?

    Pakistani Army is one of the best army in the world, thats why USA tried to enter Pak Army to Afghanistan but they did not succeeded, and after that India and USAsent their Talibans to Pakistan, but these Talibans are destroyed by Pak Army.

  2. neel123 said,

    October 2, 2010 at 4:22 pm

    Let me bust the several myth in your article, which are basically the result of sustained media propaganda in Pakistan for several decades .

    1. The Pakistani army has had more success against the Pakistani Taliban simply because they are the one who created these terrorist outfits in the first place, have had close contacts with them for decades, and know how to keep tab on each and every movement of them. NATO did not have such luck.

    2. The Pakistan army always had superior American weapons, against relatively inferior Russian weapons with Indian Army. Any so called success that the Pakistani army had against India, is due to this simple fact. This is going to change for ever. Two decades from today, the Pakistani army will not look the best, as India will have better toys to deal with Pakistan.

    3. The Pakistani army is the only well organized and disciplined institution, simply because the Pakistani army owns the country and not the vice versa. The Pakistani army have always cornered a huge chunk of national budget. The recent 25% hike in defense budget is coming at the expense of education and health, some Universities are likely to be closed down ……. do you Pakistanis feel proud of that ….. ?

    4. And finally, the India threat is a bogey to justify the Army’s position in Pakistan. There is no danger from India as long as Pakistan does not have any evil plans. But history shows that the very existence of Pakistan is India centric, and the Pakistani army is engaged in a low intensity war against India for decades, by sending armed terrorists across Indian border.

    So logically, as long as Pakistan have the terror infrastructure directed against India, there is always a fear of retaliation…… basically it is the direct product of Pakistani army’s policies….. India is not to be blamed for that, the whole world recognizes that now …….. !

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