Musharraf is not all Wrong…

Despite several disagreements with Musharraf, I think he also had several good qualities, which are absent on most of Pakistani politicians. I am listing some of them as follows.

  1. Musharraf was an educated person and loved education. He tried to compel politicians to have degrees (an apparent indication of being educated).
  2. He promoted Science and Technology in Pakistan, and brought best people back to Pakistan.
  3. He loved to see Muslim world to be developed in science and technology.
  4. He introduced media freedom in Pakistan, and it was he who allowed private TV channels to operate. And at first time, in Pakistan history, newspapers started to criticize government freely.
    Ya, one can say that he banned media, but it was what the former governments used to do!
  5. He showed bravery at most instances, and he was not afraid of what people would think about him. He had guts to say to anyone that ‘you have this problem, buddy’.
  6. I think, he was first leader in Pakistan history who could listen criticism.
  7. He was the one who can stand in any place and could debate with anyone. Please tell me which Pakstani leader can or could do this. Can Zardari, Nawaz Shareef, Shihbaz Shareef, Ch. Shujaat, PM Gilani, Imran Khan, Fazlur Rehman, or anyone else do so? If yes, then please tell me when and where they engaged in an open debate at a university etc.
  8. Pakistan economy evolved, despite the terrorism, and showed good signs. Look at Wikipedia for Economy of Pakistan.

Please don’t blame me for supporting Musharraf. I myself don’t like him, as he had several problems. But i am not blind either.


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