USA Wrong Messages to Pakistan

I am continuously thinking about why the world hats USA or especially, why Pakistanis think that USA is their enemy. What I got is that USA want to do what it wants, and it does’t matter what Pakistanis think and what Pakistanis care about.

They took Aafia Sidique and Pakistanis found that she was missing for five years.

They captured Faisal Shehzad on Bomb blast plan and everyone said that Faisal Shehzad did not to do a blast at all. What he wanted to show that he is going to do a blast, but in a very secure way. Because, a real bomb plotter must not do what he did. And so on.

And, American carries on drone attacks, on regular basis and kill women and children. USA don’t consider the victims as human beings, and so on.

And now, Raymond Davis has killed 3 people, and now he is going to be free. What we see in media that USA is asking and commanding Pakistanis to free Raymond Davis as soon as possible. USA is calling Internal Ministry, USA is contacting opposition leaders, USA is calling Police to obey it, and USA is calling everyone. But what is USA not doing to look to Judiciary, which is the Dearest to Pakistanis, and which is free to do reasonable and clear justice.

Pakistani newspapers are full of the news that USA ambassadors called which ones and what were their demands. And everyone is talking about it, and I don’t know what talk is made by USA media? They are going to hide everything from Americans, and then USA government will handle it very poorly and at the end Obama will ask: Why the world hats USA?


  1. inam101 said,

    January 31, 2011 at 6:11 pm

    And neel123, it is very sad that educated ones like you act like this, and act as a promoter of conflicts and hatred among people and nations.

  2. inam101 said,

    January 31, 2011 at 6:07 pm

    You showed one other point, neel123, and that is the extremism. That is, directly blaming others without realizing what is going on.
    Pakistan is saying that instead of using weapons of billions of dollars, promote education and promote peace.
    Talibans are extremist, and illeterate ones, but it is very sad neel123 that you are also going to be an extremist and most-sad is that you seem educated one.
    Like Taliban and America, you also see solutions of all problems in war, and like America, Soviet, and India, weapons is your prosperity, and human-development seems like a threat to you.
    Do you know how much America spent on war in Afghanistan? What if it had spend half of that amount on health and education inside America, and one-fourth in under-developed countries on education? And you, neel123 you, are the merchant of death, just like American government and extremists.

  3. neel123 said,

    January 30, 2011 at 4:46 pm

    You Pakistanis are hypocrites and opportunists.
    You had no problems with the Americans, when tens of billions of dollars and state of the art weapon systems were poured into Pakistan without any strings attached. You Pakistanis happily carried out the dirty works of the Anglo-Americans i the war against the Soviets, in exchange of total diplomatic support against India, and the Anglo-Americans chose to look the other way when the Pakistani army was pushing the armed terrorists across the Indian borders.

    Now that the support is gone, the dollars do not come without strings, and the Anglo-Americans do not overlook Pakistani Army’s dealings with the terrorist organizations, you Pakistanis do not like the Americans any more ….. !

    You Pakistanis will eventually pay for your sins …… !!

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