Oil Prices and Greener Pakisan

What if govt decreases oil prices by 50%? And also try to bane wood burning via different methods? And also to encourage people to use electric generators? And also give short term subsidies on generator sales. Or promotes generators making? What if all these happen? Then there will be more greenery, and government income will decrease only a little since much more oil will be used. People will earn more and will give more taxes. Electricity problem will be solved to a great extent.
One issue, solution! But if we increase our oil usage by 10 times, still we’ll be way behind the solution made my developed countries.


  1. affan said,

    April 5, 2011 at 7:35 am

    Wood is not burnt most of our forest is used for furniture and decorating buildings. Very short amount is used as fuel in house hold. So in theory you might be wrong about greener pakistan. About 50% decrease see that come out of our pocket. We pay tax those who donot pay taxes thing that Gov money comes from trees and its not we are paying for it. To be honest you also need to be rational. If i gave you a hard choice to choose between availability of a hospital or cheap fuel which one you will you choose? Just look at our defense budget it now hit 50%. Why should we take step to reduce that.

    • inam101 said,

      April 13, 2011 at 4:37 pm

      [first sorry for a bit late in response…] Affan, you are right to some extent but when you got to villages and country sides where there is no gas, what you can see is bare hills and no wild plants and trees, which are mostly gone for fuel.
      On the other hand, not all sorts of trees and plants are used for furniture. when the oil price is reduced, the iron and plastic can become a better alternative to the wood furniture, and then government can have an upper hand for compelling people for not using woods for furniture.
      Though income from taxes would be reduced due to lower oil prices, but govt has to compromise in reducing its own expenses.
      Defense budget is a fraction of what we pay as interest on the debts which is going to boost in some near future due to the post-musharraf financial policies of PPP. And military is the only organized and well-functioning institution in Pakistan at this time, and i think it worths the whatever budget it takes.

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