Good Memories and Shower in Summer

It is a hot day, and no power since noon, and it is afternoon.
I have to take shower as it is my third day without shower.
I take shower every second or third day, since my only activity is sitting in front of computer and daily 5 km walk in afternoon.
Due to no power, I can’t take shower with fresh cold water of well, so i will give a try to the tank water which is not warm either, just normal.
And when I stood below the shower, and water droplets are running over me, I remember some occations from previous year.
In Berdoch, a hill point near our village, the fresh water-pond I was bathing in was very cold and the sensation of coldness was giving me shiverings.
In Pirsay, another hill point near our village, when it began to rain while me and my friends were bathing in the running water, the rain-drops were hotter than the stream water. And I didn’t like the August rain which felt warm.
I was thinking all of these while showering with normal not-hot water and deep inside cursing wapda, I got a strange sensation in my body, just like the cold-water gave me when I was bathing in the hill-stream water.
The sensation and feeling overcame me and after the shower I had nothing on my face but a satesfied smile, like I had taken a bath with cold water in a hot afternoon.
And I thought, good memory of old times can change how you feel now and alter you mood.
Good memories are our treasures that come handy in bad times.
So, try to gather good memories once in a while and try to enjoy even the bad timings through them.


Blessings of PPP Leadership on Pakistani People

Two days ago, at 16 June 2012, Prime Minister (PM) of Pakistan, Saeed Yusuf Raza Gilani, was coming to Mardan and so there was no load-shedding all over Mardan district all day long. Someone said that it seems a blessing associated with the PM. This raised a strange thought in my head, which might seem too crazy but in the current situation where there is no power in the hot summer despite the regular payment of bills, i think it would be not taken so seriously. So here I am presenting the strange thought of mine about the blessings of PPP PM and leadership.

Suppose there is a blessing with the PM and wherever he visits the load-shedding vanishes from there. And people see electric-power for the day long. Now, the PM is a common landlord from Multan and he has been PM only once and there is no other important thing about him, and still he has so much blessing.

What about Benazir Bhutto (BB), who was twice PM and daughter of a founder and PM of PPP. Further, she is the martyr of PPP and her death was the main cause of current PPP government. More, her death gave us the current PM and the blessings associated with him.

I was thinking about what if we use the blessing of BB against load-shedding. If we dig-out her corpse from her grave and move it all around Pakistan and I am sure wherever it will go, due to its blessings the load-shedding would vanish. And there is one other advantage. PM is a busy person and he has to attend several meetings and other humanly needs. But BB is dead and her corpse would not need anything to do and so the corpse will be free all the time to travel everywhere. I think people will appreciate it a lot. So the current government and PPP leadership should seriously think about it. And it can also help them in the incoming election a lot. And the BB dead body will be helpful at second time to bring PPP in government again.

The above is only an idea or suggestion and even I myself am a little skeptic about its working. And I am not associated with any political party. And I am not accepting any responsibility of deeds committed by the resultant incoming PPP government. But to be careful, I apologize in advance.