Good Memories and Shower in Summer

It is a hot day, and no power since noon, and it is afternoon.
I have to take shower as it is my third day without shower.
I take shower every second or third day, since my only activity is sitting in front of computer and daily 5 km walk in afternoon.
Due to no power, I can’t take shower with fresh cold water of well, so i will give a try to the tank water which is not warm either, just normal.
And when I stood below the shower, and water droplets are running over me, I remember some occations from previous year.
In Berdoch, a hill point near our village, the fresh water-pond I was bathing in was very cold and the sensation of coldness was giving me shiverings.
In Pirsay, another hill point near our village, when it began to rain while me and my friends were bathing in the running water, the rain-drops were hotter than the stream water. And I didn’t like the August rain which felt warm.
I was thinking all of these while showering with normal not-hot water and deep inside cursing wapda, I got a strange sensation in my body, just like the cold-water gave me when I was bathing in the hill-stream water.
The sensation and feeling overcame me and after the shower I had nothing on my face but a satesfied smile, like I had taken a bath with cold water in a hot afternoon.
And I thought, good memory of old times can change how you feel now and alter you mood.
Good memories are our treasures that come handy in bad times.
So, try to gather good memories once in a while and try to enjoy even the bad timings through them.


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