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Hello Sir.

I usually write longer messages about different points during study and send them to my friends in contacts who are English literate. I get proper response from them and then we discuss the points through messages or later when we meet personally.

Today morning, I got an SMS that my out-going SMS from +9234xxxxxxxx are blocked by PTA on suspensions of spams.

I personally avoid sending useless messages and only send messages that have some useful points. The message I sent today morning is given at the end of this email. I don’t see anything useless or spamming in the message. More, I send it to only those friends who are educated and have interests in similar issues.

I kept trying on 080055055 but the call would be disconnected after 3 seconds. When I tried again at after noon and no one is going to receive it.

I would appreciate for quick and proper response.
The “Streisand effect” is what happens when someone tries to suppress something (photos, documents, videos etc) on the internet and the opposite occurs. The act of act of suppressing it raises the profile and curiosity among the general public. This makes it ( the document, photo, video etc) much more well known than it ever would have been.
The same phenomena occurred when the cartoons and movie about Prophet Muhammad were published. They were low quality and ill-written, but thanks to Aashiqan e Rasool, now they are well known. The creators of the cartoons and movie were very bad in their art, and no one was ready to give them some work. But now my friend, they are well known to majority of about 6 billion non-muslim population and they are admired for their boldness and courage.
There is an irony. In early days of Islam, there was a huge propaganda and violence against Islam. These things helped Islam to be well known everywhere. And now the same phenomena is occurring against Islam, by hands of Aashiqan e Rasool.

PS: I am also posting this email on my blog as an article.

Cell: +92-34xxxxxxxxxx
Rustam, Mardan