Good Memories and Shower in Summer

It is a hot day, and no power since noon, and it is afternoon.
I have to take shower as it is my third day without shower.
I take shower every second or third day, since my only activity is sitting in front of computer and daily 5 km walk in afternoon.
Due to no power, I can’t take shower with fresh cold water of well, so i will give a try to the tank water which is not warm either, just normal.
And when I stood below the shower, and water droplets are running over me, I remember some occations from previous year.
In Berdoch, a hill point near our village, the fresh water-pond I was bathing in was very cold and the sensation of coldness was giving me shiverings.
In Pirsay, another hill point near our village, when it began to rain while me and my friends were bathing in the running water, the rain-drops were hotter than the stream water. And I didn’t like the August rain which felt warm.
I was thinking all of these while showering with normal not-hot water and deep inside cursing wapda, I got a strange sensation in my body, just like the cold-water gave me when I was bathing in the hill-stream water.
The sensation and feeling overcame me and after the shower I had nothing on my face but a satesfied smile, like I had taken a bath with cold water in a hot afternoon.
And I thought, good memory of old times can change how you feel now and alter you mood.
Good memories are our treasures that come handy in bad times.
So, try to gather good memories once in a while and try to enjoy even the bad timings through them.


Blessings of PPP Leadership on Pakistani People

Two days ago, at 16 June 2012, Prime Minister (PM) of Pakistan, Saeed Yusuf Raza Gilani, was coming to Mardan and so there was no load-shedding all over Mardan district all day long. Someone said that it seems a blessing associated with the PM. This raised a strange thought in my head, which might seem too crazy but in the current situation where there is no power in the hot summer despite the regular payment of bills, i think it would be not taken so seriously. So here I am presenting the strange thought of mine about the blessings of PPP PM and leadership.

Suppose there is a blessing with the PM and wherever he visits the load-shedding vanishes from there. And people see electric-power for the day long. Now, the PM is a common landlord from Multan and he has been PM only once and there is no other important thing about him, and still he has so much blessing.

What about Benazir Bhutto (BB), who was twice PM and daughter of a founder and PM of PPP. Further, she is the martyr of PPP and her death was the main cause of current PPP government. More, her death gave us the current PM and the blessings associated with him.

I was thinking about what if we use the blessing of BB against load-shedding. If we dig-out her corpse from her grave and move it all around Pakistan and I am sure wherever it will go, due to its blessings the load-shedding would vanish. And there is one other advantage. PM is a busy person and he has to attend several meetings and other humanly needs. But BB is dead and her corpse would not need anything to do and so the corpse will be free all the time to travel everywhere. I think people will appreciate it a lot. So the current government and PPP leadership should seriously think about it. And it can also help them in the incoming election a lot. And the BB dead body will be helpful at second time to bring PPP in government again.

The above is only an idea or suggestion and even I myself am a little skeptic about its working. And I am not associated with any political party. And I am not accepting any responsibility of deeds committed by the resultant incoming PPP government. But to be careful, I apologize in advance.

Amazing Logics: A short dialog

Dexter: you said you believe in God and still you do bad things.
Heder: yes I believe in God and He forgives. I killed Andrew and it was necessary.
Dexter: how was that necessary?
Heder: I had to spend a lot of money to convince him.
Dexter: so you killed him.
Heder: to save money!
Dexter: and God will forgive you!
Heder: yes.
Dexter: so you killed others to save money and now I’m going to kill you to save others.
Heder: are you crazy? You’ll not kill me.
Dexter: why not? God will forgive me.
Heder: no. God will not forgive you.
Dexter: why not? He forgave you for killing others for money.
Heder: ok. I killed for money but why are you killing me?
Dexter: i’m killing you because in your eyes money is more important than human life.

East, West, Islam, and Matrimony

Marriage is considered a major event in east. It is joining of two families. It is considered a major milestone in a persons life. It is really is big deal. It is a one time event in persons life, without any plane b’s.

And therefore it is celebrated likewise, with full luxuries. And choice of partner is also done carefully.

All of this makes the marriage much harder and a very expensive business. But there is a problem in this deal. Human life and human behaviours often don’t go with this evenly. A person life comes to an end and likewise persons’ attitudes change. This makes the marriage a joke as it is considered a big deal.

So, when a partner dies or there is separation, then it is a disaster. And especially for the woman. It is said that the woman life is destroyed.

Now lets come to west. In west, marriage is a simple event which is important but partners’ lives don’t depend on it. Ages differences between partners is not a big deal. Marrying in much easier. If the marriage comes to an end, woman life is not over.

Interestingly, such is the situation in an Islamic society.

East which contains a major part of muslims, Islam has very little affects on this very important event. But wait a min, is the western system is inherited from Islam? Interestingly, no. But it is somewhat like Islam.

In west, human wisdom plays a great role in society behaviour. In east, customs are followed blindly and without thinking. Customs are followed just because these were followed by ancestors.

On the other hand, in islam, religous rules are followed with belives that these rules are optimum. And human life, society, and relations among humans is a very complex thing and human mind and wisdom can’t cover all aspects. So, here the religion comes for guidance. And Islam made the rules much easier for marriage. But muslims don’t follow these rules.

Hmmm, why?

Because, they value their customs more than Islam….

Please correct me if I am not….

Love and Programming

Once a friend told me that when anyone falls in love, then s/he thinks all the time about the lover. I thought about it a little and then come up with the following short story after putting myself in the situation.

I am a programmer. I have 45 minutes walk back to my place at evening. I like it to have sticky problems and solving them. I think about different stuff on that walk and i enjoy this. one day i felt that i fell in love with my coworker. She is a pretty girl and very nice. She is like to be respected and loved. I was in love. i did not know how and why, but i was. It had all the symptoms of true love, and i started to like the junky poetry on SMSes. I felt the true love, the itch, you know! I just don’t know anything else.
One day i thought all the way about her. next day again. But at the end, i got bored of it. What the hell! I have no other thing to think about. At the end of the day, i wasn’t happy like when i solve some tricky problem or have an amazing idea. i missed the thinking i have on the walk about programming problems i have and newer ideas. I got depressed. I stopped thinking about her. I wanted to do programming and the true love thing might take this away from me. it might give me temporary joy but will take the happiness and the feeling away i have when i am a true programmer.

Am i mis-interpreting the love thing or do programmers really don’t want to get in that shit.

Some Game of Life Animations

The following are some beautiful game of life animations, which i generated with an easy to use program, develped by me in C#.Net 2008.

The program is much easier to use but much slower as well. I am working on it to optimize it in performance and usability.
That will be available on net very soon.

A Simple Story

Once I saw a man with out any legs. He was in great trouble. When I reached near him, I greeted but he did not respond, may be due to being deaf. I thought that I should help him. So I asked him whether he was doing any treatment. He replied that he was a poor person and had no family or friends. I offered him for treatment in a good hospital. He told that several people had already placed the offer but he did not accepted anyone, as they all demanded for a specific service. They had also warned that if he told about that secret service, they will kill him in a much harsh way. He was very afraid. I thought that though he was a disable man and was in much trouble, yet he loved life and was afraid of death. I asked him about this and his reply shocked me. He said that though he was in a big trouble, he was trying to reduce it and he was successful in his effort to some extent. More, he wanted no more trouble.