Berdoch Trip with Friends

At Saturday 12, May 2012, afternoon Sajid Hafiz Called me to meet him at shop of Noor ul Amin. When I went there, Anwer Gul was also there and they told me to make a program for picnic trip to somewhere hill spot around our village, Rustam.
We talked about Berdoch, about 13 kilometers north-east of Rustam. Our strength would be five as Anwer Gul younger brother Khalid Gul will also join us.
For meal, we decided to have two chickens cooked in rice, ten eggs, fried bitter-melons, and a thermos of tea.
On next day, we left at 10:30 morning on two bikes and reached there in about half hour. We parked the bikes in the village and went to hill side to do our climbs.
At first at hill bottom, each person ate one egg and took some tea, and freshen ourselves for the climbing. We also kept taking photos and the climbing was very amazing and challenging as the sun was hot and drinking water was getting rare. We did another stay to consume the remaining tea and eggs and we tried to climb to the top of the hill at west of our starting point.
At end we realized that in absence of water and presence of hot sun-light it would be difficult to continue, so we returned after ensuring that there were only the corner with three sides of hill-walls and nothing else.
We returned down to the only currently flowing water which is also making a small water-fall. We decided to take a bath after cooling down a little and got started. The water was cools and very refreshing. The waters has oily feeling, which means that when you wash your hand with the water, you would feel the oily smoothness on your skin.
After taking bath, we returned down to our starting point of hill-bottom where we first started the consumption of our food. At that spot, we cleaned the chicken-rice pot. This made the hill-bottom spot as the starting and ending of our picnic meal stock.
Then we returned to the Berdoch village and took our bikes and headed to Rustam. On the way back, we saw peach form where some laborers were packing peaches for market. We met them and purchased about four dozen peaches for 60 rupees (about 6.66 USD) and returned back to Rustam.
We gathered at Noor ul Amin shop again and it was after-noon, and marked that as the end of our picnic trip with amazing gather for flourishing our memories in the future.
Anwer Gul will leave for Dubai at 18th May 2012 and today was our last gathering plus picnic trip for the summer with him.

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