Building a Simple Datesheet

Datesheet is a common scheduling problem faced by most educational institutions. I am going to tell you in detail what a datesheet is and how to build one.
What is a datesheet?
In an educational institution, we have students who are registered in courses.
Now, we want to have an examination after some period.
In the examination, each student will give a paper for the subject s/he is registered.
We have some limited number of days during which all the students of a given course will be giving papers at the same time. And we have more than one courses, and we want to take the papers of all courses.
If a student is registered in more than one course, then s/he can’t give the paper for all the courses on the same time, but s/he can give one paper in one day, and then the second paper on the second day, and so on.We want to make an arrangement of courses in some given days so that all the students give the papers for all registered courses, but with the following conditions:
  1. A student can’t give more than one papers at the same day/time.
  2. All the students in a course will give the paper for the course at the same time.
  3. Students of two courses can give their papers at the same time only if there is no student registered in both courses. This means, both courses have no common students.

There can be other conditions, depending on the institution and type of examination. But the above conditions are the basic conditions. One extra requirement which can arise is: How to arrange all the papers in minimum possible days, while satisfying the above conditions? First lets focus on simple datesheet making (arranging of papers).

How to build a datesheet?

Now, we want to make such an arrangement so that the above conditions are met.

  1. Make a list of courses, while each course will contain a list of students registered in it.
  2. Lets have a list of days, while each day will contain the list of courses whose papers will be arranged on that day.
  3. Let current-day is the first day.
  4. Get one course and add it to the current-day.
  5. Get an other course, call it current-course.
  6. If no student in the current-course has a course in the current-day-courses, then add the current-course to the current day. This will be a little hard to grasp and implement but this is the main step. This step will ensure that the 1st condition is satisfied.
  7. Else skip the course.
  8. Go to step 5.
  9. If there is no course left with no student in the current-day courses (in other words: all courses left have students with at least one course registered in the courses in the current day), then add another day to the days list and call it the current day, and then go to step 4.
  10. If all there is no course left (all courses are added to days in the days-list), then save the days along with the courses in each day and call it the datesheet, and terminate.

This is how to build a simple datesheet.

Government Degree College, Khairabad Mardan


Bad and Corrupt Teaching in Khairabad Degree College Mardan

Bad and Corrupt Teaching in Khairabad Degree College Mardan

College name is Khairabad Degree College. It is located on Bunir Road, between Rustam and Shahbaz Gari in Khairabad, Mardan.

It is third major degree college of Mardan district. Students from Sawabi and allMardan regions come here.

In my time, it was a good college, with good teachers. I admire the teachers who were very intelligent and knew how to do teaching. They never wasted our time, though we did wasted theirs and ours. They advised us regularly to not waste time and it very precious thing. And I, personally, learned a lot of from them, and until now they are my role models. Whenever I think about that time, all I do is pray for them.

Now a day, like other government institutes, its worst of its kind. I asked one student about how the teachers are. He told me that about every teacher comes to classes only once in a week, and then students search for them. And when they come, they don’t do any teaching, either they don’t know the actual subject matter or they are not interested at all.

As my field of study is computer science, I asked him about the computer science. He is also a student of computer science and he told me that the teacher name isAurang Zeb or Aorang Zeeb, or Aorang Zeb, whichever is valid, and is from Sawabi. He knows nothing about computer science. He rarely comes to class, and he even can’t come to the first class of the day, since he wakes up late in morning. He has been made lecturer on Sifarash or illegal recommendation and approach of Shah Ram Khan from Sawabi.

Aurang Zeb or Aorang Zeeb, or Aorang Zeb, whichever is valid, used to tell the students that he is doing the tiny amount of teaching only to avoid the embarrassment in some future meetings or confrontations with the students; otherwise he doesn’t give a damn about them and their study.

The student has read computer science for two years and has no concepts about computers and programming. He will have at least 30 to 40 class fellows, and he and his class fellows have wasted their two years. This means, 60 to 80 years of students have been wasted, by one teacher, Aurang Zeb or Aorang Zeeb, orAorang Zeb, whichever is valid.

I asked him about other teachers, and he told me the same story about them also. I will write about them in next posts.

Islam and Violence

Islam don’t allow anyone to do extra-judiciary killings of anyone. If someone has done something wrong, try to take him/her to law and it will handle it. Even if the law is not helping, there is no way to go and fight law, as it will spread violence which Islam despises.
Remember, Islam can’t fight via violence with its enemies. Islam is religion of wisdom and knowledge and education and reasoning, not blinding and dark believes and lawlessness.

PPP, Enemy of Education in Pakistan…

Whenever PPP peoples see any child going to school, the feel a big pain in their hearts and asses. Thats why they are trying to do such thing to HEC(they are dissolving the HEC).
Pakistan Peoples Party has no vision, no regard for science and technology, and education, and they has nothing to do with the future of pakistan. All PPP people want is money in Swiss bank accounts.

Allam Iqbal Open University Pakistan Website

I visited the website to get info about timetable for my friend. I there was no schedule about academic activities. I saw a link about getting a roll number slip. when I tried it with the roll number given by my friend, the following error came.

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Try your self at