Its all about economy

India is killing innocent people in Kashmir and everyone knows it. But no one is doing nothing. Libya killed a few ones, and now Libya is under attack.
What is the reason no one telling anything serious to India?
Reason: Its simple. India is going to be an economic power and it has a lot of potential and will be very helpful to USA and Europe.
Now, if India kills all Kashmiris, it will be ok to USA and Europe as long as India is beneficial to USA and Europe.
But where are human Rights? No no, there are no human-rights. Everything revolve around economy. Libya is not an emerging economy, thats why it is under attack.
Human Rights is a slogan from USA and Europe which is based on the money and economy…
Friends and Enemies: There are no friends and enemies, only helpful and non-helpful economies…

Increase in Prices of Energy Sources

The current government is increasing prices of electricity, gas, and oil, on demands from Europe to make economy stable. This shows how much illiterate third world countries’ governments are and how much insincere the developed nations are with the backward ones. Increasing prices of the power sources will stop economic activities and the common man will be in trouble. This also shows that most of the troubles of a common man faces here are due to western world.