Pakistani Society, Full of Hypocracy

Hypocrite Pakistani Society

Pakistanis are hypocrites They respect and honor things and people only apparently and in their own way and never give respect and honor in the way and in the sense demanded. If you want to see how a hypocrite society looks like and how they suffer and are divided, look at Pakistani society.
For example, they respect books since there is knowledge in them, but they’ll never try to learn and use the knowledge contained in books.
Pakistanis believe and respect prophets but will never follow their noble teachings.
Pakistanis believe and honour Quran and recite and wrap it in clothes to save it from dust, but they’ll never try to learn it and think about what is in it and they will dishonour anyone who raises and asks them to follow Quran. They don’t think that Quran deserves to be understood and followed.
Now come to prophet Mohammad, the biggest victim of Pakistanis. They claim to be lovers of Mohammed and will not tolerate any disrespect towards him. On the other hand, they keep doing all sorts of bad things like corruption, theft, murders, drugs, and all other bad deeds from which Mohammed strongly prohibited. So, seeing their bad deeds and love for Mohammed, when the world deduces that Mohammed would have been like them, cruel, deceptive, violent, and so on, Pakistanis get hurt and they become violent and don’t bother to think about the reasons the thinking of the world and so all of this increases their immorality.
The same is the situation is with God. They believe in God but they never fear God. They honor God but they don’t give a damn about what God ask them to be merciful with all living things and respect human lives, honour, and property and how to live in the world.

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Islam and Violence

Islam don’t allow anyone to do extra-judiciary killings of anyone. If someone has done something wrong, try to take him/her to law and it will handle it. Even if the law is not helping, there is no way to go and fight law, as it will spread violence which Islam despises.
Remember, Islam can’t fight via violence with its enemies. Islam is religion of wisdom and knowledge and education and reasoning, not blinding and dark believes and lawlessness.

East, West, Islam, and Matrimony

Marriage is considered a major event in east. It is joining of two families. It is considered a major milestone in a persons life. It is really is big deal. It is a one time event in persons life, without any plane b’s.

And therefore it is celebrated likewise, with full luxuries. And choice of partner is also done carefully.

All of this makes the marriage much harder and a very expensive business. But there is a problem in this deal. Human life and human behaviours often don’t go with this evenly. A person life comes to an end and likewise persons’ attitudes change. This makes the marriage a joke as it is considered a big deal.

So, when a partner dies or there is separation, then it is a disaster. And especially for the woman. It is said that the woman life is destroyed.

Now lets come to west. In west, marriage is a simple event which is important but partners’ lives don’t depend on it. Ages differences between partners is not a big deal. Marrying in much easier. If the marriage comes to an end, woman life is not over.

Interestingly, such is the situation in an Islamic society.

East which contains a major part of muslims, Islam has very little affects on this very important event. But wait a min, is the western system is inherited from Islam? Interestingly, no. But it is somewhat like Islam.

In west, human wisdom plays a great role in society behaviour. In east, customs are followed blindly and without thinking. Customs are followed just because these were followed by ancestors.

On the other hand, in islam, religous rules are followed with belives that these rules are optimum. And human life, society, and relations among humans is a very complex thing and human mind and wisdom can’t cover all aspects. So, here the religion comes for guidance. And Islam made the rules much easier for marriage. But muslims don’t follow these rules.

Hmmm, why?

Because, they value their customs more than Islam….

Please correct me if I am not….