Thats why US is hated by world…

The thing about this statement was that it hardly lay in the mouth of the American president to condemn the Palestinians for an attack in which Israeli civilians died when no US president – neither Bush nor Clinton nor any of their predecessors – has ever condemned any Israeli government for attacks by Israeli military forces against Palestinian civilians, such as the artillery bombardment carried out by the Israeli army against a UN observers compound in southern Lebanon a few years ago in which more than 100 Palestinian civilians, including women and children, who had taken shelter in the compound, were killed. That, too, was the deliberate act of murder of innocent civilians. So why didn’t the US government condemn it? Was it because the victims in that case were Palestinian civilians?

A moral position can only be considered moral when it is applied equally across the board to incidents of a similar nature. Thus when the US condemns Palestinian attacks against Israeli civilians, it must, by the same token, condemn Israeli attacks against Palestinian civilians. Yet it doesn’t. It never has, and there is nothing to suggest that it ever will – unless the influence of the powerful Israeli lobby in Washington diminishes to the point that American politicians are no longer afraid to speak out against Israel when it does something wrong, such as killing Palestinian civilians. So strong is the Israeli lobby, however, that the possibility of such a change of heart ever occurring in America remains remote.

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This also destroys the image of Jews, and people in world think that everything Israel is doing is by Jews and for Jews. Jews are requested to take these maters serious as it is showing them as a root of all evils.