USA Wrong Messages to Pakistan

I am continuously thinking about why the world hats USA or especially, why Pakistanis think that USA is their enemy. What I got is that USA want to do what it wants, and it does’t matter what Pakistanis think and what Pakistanis care about.

They took Aafia Sidique and Pakistanis found that she was missing for five years.

They captured Faisal Shehzad on Bomb blast plan and everyone said that Faisal Shehzad did not to do a blast at all. What he wanted to show that he is going to do a blast, but in a very secure way. Because, a real bomb plotter must not do what he did. And so on.

And, American carries on drone attacks, on regular basis and kill women and children. USA don’t consider the victims as human beings, and so on.

And now, Raymond Davis has killed 3 people, and now he is going to be free. What we see in media that USA is asking and commanding Pakistanis to free Raymond Davis as soon as possible. USA is calling Internal Ministry, USA is contacting opposition leaders, USA is calling Police to obey it, and USA is calling everyone. But what is USA not doing to look to Judiciary, which is the Dearest to Pakistanis, and which is free to do reasonable and clear justice.

Pakistani newspapers are full of the news that USA ambassadors called which ones and what were their demands. And everyone is talking about it, and I don’t know what talk is made by USA media? They are going to hide everything from Americans, and then USA government will handle it very poorly and at the end Obama will ask: Why the world hats USA?

Love and Programming

Once a friend told me that when anyone falls in love, then s/he thinks all the time about the lover. I thought about it a little and then come up with the following short story after putting myself in the situation.

I am a programmer. I have 45 minutes walk back to my place at evening. I like it to have sticky problems and solving them. I think about different stuff on that walk and i enjoy this. one day i felt that i fell in love with my coworker. She is a pretty girl and very nice. She is like to be respected and loved. I was in love. i did not know how and why, but i was. It had all the symptoms of true love, and i started to like the junky poetry on SMSes. I felt the true love, the itch, you know! I just don’t know anything else.
One day i thought all the way about her. next day again. But at the end, i got bored of it. What the hell! I have no other thing to think about. At the end of the day, i wasn’t happy like when i solve some tricky problem or have an amazing idea. i missed the thinking i have on the walk about programming problems i have and newer ideas. I got depressed. I stopped thinking about her. I wanted to do programming and the true love thing might take this away from me. it might give me temporary joy but will take the happiness and the feeling away i have when i am a true programmer.

Am i mis-interpreting the love thing or do programmers really don’t want to get in that shit.

A Simple Story

Once I saw a man with out any legs. He was in great trouble. When I reached near him, I greeted but he did not respond, may be due to being deaf. I thought that I should help him. So I asked him whether he was doing any treatment. He replied that he was a poor person and had no family or friends. I offered him for treatment in a good hospital. He told that several people had already placed the offer but he did not accepted anyone, as they all demanded for a specific service. They had also warned that if he told about that secret service, they will kill him in a much harsh way. He was very afraid. I thought that though he was a disable man and was in much trouble, yet he loved life and was afraid of death. I asked him about this and his reply shocked me. He said that though he was in a big trouble, he was trying to reduce it and he was successful in his effort to some extent. More, he wanted no more trouble.