Pakistani Society, Full of Hypocracy

Hypocrite Pakistani Society

Pakistanis are hypocrites They respect and honor things and people only apparently and in their own way and never give respect and honor in the way and in the sense demanded. If you want to see how a hypocrite society looks like and how they suffer and are divided, look at Pakistani society.
For example, they respect books since there is knowledge in them, but they’ll never try to learn and use the knowledge contained in books.
Pakistanis believe and respect prophets but will never follow their noble teachings.
Pakistanis believe and honour Quran and recite and wrap it in clothes to save it from dust, but they’ll never try to learn it and think about what is in it and they will dishonour anyone who raises and asks them to follow Quran. They don’t think that Quran deserves to be understood and followed.
Now come to prophet Mohammad, the biggest victim of Pakistanis. They claim to be lovers of Mohammed and will not tolerate any disrespect towards him. On the other hand, they keep doing all sorts of bad things like corruption, theft, murders, drugs, and all other bad deeds from which Mohammed strongly prohibited. So, seeing their bad deeds and love for Mohammed, when the world deduces that Mohammed would have been like them, cruel, deceptive, violent, and so on, Pakistanis get hurt and they become violent and don’t bother to think about the reasons the thinking of the world and so all of this increases their immorality.
The same is the situation is with God. They believe in God but they never fear God. They honor God but they don’t give a damn about what God ask them to be merciful with all living things and respect human lives, honour, and property and how to live in the world.

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