Democracy against USA Attack

I was talking with my friend with political science and international relations background about democracy and wars. We discussed how there has been no major war between two democracies in the history. We realized that Pakistan and India fought in Kargil in 1998 while being democracies, but that can be viewed as a mis-adventure of Pakistan military.

In the end, we agreed that democracy is good for avoiding wars among nations. If two countries want to avoid a war between themselves, then they should strengthen democracy in themselves.

Later I thought about the attacks of USA and UK on Iraq, French wars in Africa, Israel engagement with Arabs, democratic India’s wars with Pakistan. In the meantime, the Vietnam war in which USA was the bad guy.

I think democracy is necessary in a country to be safe from a democratic country, but if a country has democracy then it is not necessary that it will never attack another weaker country with the wrong objectives. Just like democratic USA and democratic UK attacked Iraq, and democratic USA had destroyed Vietnam.

Americans and their Justice

Justice system and human-rights system of developed nations is skewed, how much, lets see.
Americans used agent orange on Vietnam which resulted in millions of deaths, disabilities, and affected several generations, despite extremely harsh social and economical difficulties of local population. That also affected American soldiers who were involved in the alleged use of the chemical weapon.
The American soldiers and their families sued their government and the civilian companies involved in production and use of the agent orange. This resulted in about 127 million US dollars as compensations.
Koreans were also affected as some of the chemical was stored there. They also sued and they got 62 million dollars in compensation.
All the above happened in a developed nation and between two such nations. Now lets see what happens when it comes to the undeveloped nation.
Victims of agent orange in Vietnam also placed a lawsuit in American courts and they got nothing. Though they got a few million dollars in aid which was divided in several parts and a considerable part of which went back to America as compensation of the aid workers. And it was considered a great generosity of Americans for helping poor nations.

Pakisan and India Fight and West reaps the Fruits

whenever Pakistanis and Indians fight, no side gets benefit. Only west gets.
Pakistanis and Indians must understand that their fighting on ambiguous historical facts and politicians and media with hidden agendas is doing no good to any nation. It has been a hurdle in the prosperity of the region and the subsequent dependence on western shameful aid…
Learn from China + Taiwan + S. Korea + Japan… They are strongly against each other, but they are doing a lot of trades and who gets benefits? The whole region. And western financial, military and political dominance is disturbed and that is why they are shitting in china sea to engage them in wars and buy western weapons…
Wake up stupid and idiot people….

Nature is Self-Destructive

I don’t know what is the purpose of nature. Through evolution, it creates intelligent creatures and then make them so intelligent that it builds destructive tools (deadly weapons), tools that will destroy the evolution of intelligence and nature.

Human brain is made of neurons and all the human thinking and decision making is done via the neural activities in brain. So, technically speaking, all human activities are objective instead of subjective, regardless if we understand the technicalities fully or not.

The universe is made of atoms and each atom in turn is a complex system, and the whole world goes according to some rules which are interpreted by humans via sciences. And all the universe and the activities going inside it are governed by the same rules, and these can be termed as nature. So, this removes any subjectivity and the related issues. Everything is objective and well defined and can be understood if tried.

So, when everything is so, then something about the stuff humans do. Everything I do or anyone else does are objective and according to nature. So there is nothing absolutely wrong and nothing absolutely good. What is wrong may be what disturbs the evolution of the nature and vice versa.

When humans make progress in science and technology, then it is a kind of evolution occurring in nature. And when humans do make tools to destroy all the advancement in science and technology and life from the surface of earth, this is also according to nature and the neural activities in humans brains. And the underlying atomic interactions are responsible.

Humans do fight wars which is according to nature, and with evolution the nature of wars has been changing. Then a time comes that the wars disintegrate all the evolutions happened in nature, and so this is also according to nature and evolutions do have devolutionary sides.

All of this tends to make me free of worries and tensions, but it raises some more questions. I am not finding proper words for them now, so I will write on this at some other time.

Please feel free to comment and try to put some of the raising questions in words if you can.