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To: complaint to pta gov pk

Hello Sir.

I usually write longer messages about different points during study and send them to my friends in contacts who are English literate. I get proper response from them and then we discuss the points through messages or later when we meet personally.

Today morning, I got an SMS that my out-going SMS from +9234xxxxxxxx are blocked by PTA on suspensions of spams.

I personally avoid sending useless messages and only send messages that have some useful points. The message I sent today morning is given at the end of this email. I don’t see anything useless or spamming in the message. More, I send it to only those friends who are educated and have interests in similar issues.

I kept trying on 080055055 but the call would be disconnected after 3 seconds. When I tried again at after noon and no one is going to receive it.

I would appreciate for quick and proper response.
The “Streisand effect” is what happens when someone tries to suppress something (photos, documents, videos etc) on the internet and the opposite occurs. The act of act of suppressing it raises the profile and curiosity among the general public. This makes it ( the document, photo, video etc) much more well known than it ever would have been.
The same phenomena occurred when the cartoons and movie about Prophet Muhammad were published. They were low quality and ill-written, but thanks to Aashiqan e Rasool, now they are well known. The creators of the cartoons and movie were very bad in their art, and no one was ready to give them some work. But now my friend, they are well known to majority of about 6 billion non-muslim population and they are admired for their boldness and courage.
There is an irony. In early days of Islam, there was a huge propaganda and violence against Islam. These things helped Islam to be well known everywhere. And now the same phenomena is occurring against Islam, by hands of Aashiqan e Rasool.

PS: I am also posting this email on my blog as an article.

Cell: +92-34xxxxxxxxxx
Rustam, Mardan

One Party System in USA

In recent years, Republicans in USA have played several misadventures. They showed a very immature reaction to 9-11. They mishandled Afghanistan. They attacked Iraq based on lies. They turned the best economy of USA under previous Democrats into uncontrollable debt and recession. They cut taxes on riches and put poor in financial trouble. Their policies in health and education alienated the general population. They made non-white Americans their opponents. They acted as racist and religious extremists. They even cut funds of science and technology research projects. They tried to destroy the good image of USA in the whole world. In short, Republicans did their best to not to come to power again, for a long time.

Democrats won the previous two elections. The last election was won with a better margin the earlier. In the next elections, They tried to reverse the affects of all the bad policies of Republic in every aspect. They are successful in most cases, but the damage done by Republicans to too much. It will take a long time to restore the American glory of pre-2000 era.

In the next elections, Republicans will get more down, and in the other elections they may show some recovery in the eyes of general mass. But for a long time, Democrats is going to be the only ruling party in USA.

Some non-Democratic politicians will try to be independent, but they will be scattered and have no collective power. The independents will focus on smaller and localized issues and will play no major role in the main policy making.

Somewhat like China, USA has become a country ruled by one party, with weaker and weaker opposition as time passes. This will have some unpredictable and unprecedented consequences, for USA and the rest of the world.

Lets hope things turn out to be better for everyone.

Democracy against USA Attack

I was talking with my friend with political science and international relations background about democracy and wars. We discussed how there has been no major war between two democracies in the history. We realized that Pakistan and India fought in Kargil in 1998 while being democracies, but that can be viewed as a mis-adventure of Pakistan military.

In the end, we agreed that democracy is good for avoiding wars among nations. If two countries want to avoid a war between themselves, then they should strengthen democracy in themselves.

Later I thought about the attacks of USA and UK on Iraq, French wars in Africa, Israel engagement with Arabs, democratic India’s wars with Pakistan. In the meantime, the Vietnam war in which USA was the bad guy.

I think democracy is necessary in a country to be safe from a democratic country, but if a country has democracy then it is not necessary that it will never attack another weaker country with the wrong objectives. Just like democratic USA and democratic UK attacked Iraq, and democratic USA had destroyed Vietnam.

Re-sizing ListView columns in C# according to data

I was searching for an easier and simpler way to resize columns in list-view in window-forms in C#, and I got the trick on this link.

Link of the post

The following is the text copied from the above link.

This one is easy. If you set a ListView column’s width to -1, it automatically resizes to fit the data it contains. If you set the width to -2, it resizes to fit its data and column header.

This example displays buttons that let you set the ListView’s column widths to 100 pixels, -1, or -2. The program uses the SetListViewColumnSizes method to set all of the column widths at once.

// Set the listView's column sizes to the same value.
private void SetListViewColumnSizes(ListView lvw, int width)
    foreach (ColumnHeader col in lvw.Columns)
        col.Width = width;

ہمارے علما اور اسلام

میرا ایک دوست تھا، عابد نواز. ہم ١٩٩٩ میں نویں جماعت میں ایک ساتھ بیٹھے تھے. افغانستان پر امریکا کروز میزائلوں کا حملہ کر چکا تھا. عابد نواز بہت پرجوش تھا اور کہا کرتا تھا کی ہم لوگ ڈنڈوں سے امریکی ٹینکوں کا برا حال کر دیں گے. میں خود اس کی اس طرح کی باتیں سن کر ہنستا بھی تھا اور اس کی عقل پر افسوس بھی کرتا تھا. 

آج جب میں سوچتا ہوں تو مجھے اور بھی افسوس ہوتا ہے کہ ہمارا دینی طبقہ اور ہمارے علما  بھی دنیا سے بلکل اسی طرح بے خبر ہیں. وہ اسلام کو نافذ کرنے کی باتیں تو کرتے ہیں لیکن وہ اسلامی نظام کے بارے میں بہت کم جانتے ہیں. ہمارے علما اسلامی معاشی نظام اور موجودہ سرمیدارانہ نظام میں کوئی فرق نہیں جانتے. ہمارے علما موجودہ کرنسی کے نظام اور متبادل اسلامی نظام سے بلکل لاعلم ہیں.

میں چند مدّت سے قرض اور اس پر افراط زر کے اثرات پر سوچتا رہتا ہوں. میں نے چند علما سے اس مطلق بات بھی کی لیکن وہ جو جواب دیتے ہیں وہ ثابت کرتا ہے کہ یہ لوگ کچھ نہیں جانتے. ہمارے علما کفر اور سرمیدارانہ نظام کے ٹینک کو اپنی لاعلمی کے ڈنڈوں سے توڑنا چاہتے ہیں اور پچھلے ایک صدی سے عوام کو بیوقوف بنا رہے ہیں.  

پولیس کو تباہ کرنے کے طریقے

پولیس کا مقصد کسی معاشرے میں امن و امان اور نظم و ضبط قایم کرنا ہے.  اس کے بغیر معاشرہ جنگل بن جاتا ہے. معاشی سرگرمیاں رک جاتی ہیں اور لوگوں کی عزت اور جان و مال محفوظ نہیں رہتا. اور آخر میں کمزور لوگ یا تو بھوک سے مر جاتے ہیں یا طاقتور کے ہاتھوں مار دیے جاتے ہیں.
کسی بھی معاشرے کو تباہ کرنے کیلئے اس کے پولیس نظام کو خراب کرنا ضروری ہے. اس کے کیی طریقے ہیں.
.پولیس میں رشوت اور سفارش کو رواج دیا جایے.
.پولیس میں غلط طریقے سے غلط لوگوں کو بھرتی کیا جایے.
.معاشرے میں تعلیم کا معیار اتنا گرا دیا جایے کے پولیس کو باصلاحیت لوگ نہ مل سکے.
.اگر معاشرہ مسلمانوں کا ہو) پیغمبر کے کارٹون چاپ دیے جیئں. معاشرے کے لوگ خود ہی پولیس پر احتجاج کے دوران حملے کرکے اس کو ناکارہ کردیں گے)

Good Memories and Shower in Summer

It is a hot day, and no power since noon, and it is afternoon.
I have to take shower as it is my third day without shower.
I take shower every second or third day, since my only activity is sitting in front of computer and daily 5 km walk in afternoon.
Due to no power, I can’t take shower with fresh cold water of well, so i will give a try to the tank water which is not warm either, just normal.
And when I stood below the shower, and water droplets are running over me, I remember some occations from previous year.
In Berdoch, a hill point near our village, the fresh water-pond I was bathing in was very cold and the sensation of coldness was giving me shiverings.
In Pirsay, another hill point near our village, when it began to rain while me and my friends were bathing in the running water, the rain-drops were hotter than the stream water. And I didn’t like the August rain which felt warm.
I was thinking all of these while showering with normal not-hot water and deep inside cursing wapda, I got a strange sensation in my body, just like the cold-water gave me when I was bathing in the hill-stream water.
The sensation and feeling overcame me and after the shower I had nothing on my face but a satesfied smile, like I had taken a bath with cold water in a hot afternoon.
And I thought, good memory of old times can change how you feel now and alter you mood.
Good memories are our treasures that come handy in bad times.
So, try to gather good memories once in a while and try to enjoy even the bad timings through them.


Blessings of PPP Leadership on Pakistani People

Two days ago, at 16 June 2012, Prime Minister (PM) of Pakistan, Saeed Yusuf Raza Gilani, was coming to Mardan and so there was no load-shedding all over Mardan district all day long. Someone said that it seems a blessing associated with the PM. This raised a strange thought in my head, which might seem too crazy but in the current situation where there is no power in the hot summer despite the regular payment of bills, i think it would be not taken so seriously. So here I am presenting the strange thought of mine about the blessings of PPP PM and leadership.

Suppose there is a blessing with the PM and wherever he visits the load-shedding vanishes from there. And people see electric-power for the day long. Now, the PM is a common landlord from Multan and he has been PM only once and there is no other important thing about him, and still he has so much blessing.

What about Benazir Bhutto (BB), who was twice PM and daughter of a founder and PM of PPP. Further, she is the martyr of PPP and her death was the main cause of current PPP government. More, her death gave us the current PM and the blessings associated with him.

I was thinking about what if we use the blessing of BB against load-shedding. If we dig-out her corpse from her grave and move it all around Pakistan and I am sure wherever it will go, due to its blessings the load-shedding would vanish. And there is one other advantage. PM is a busy person and he has to attend several meetings and other humanly needs. But BB is dead and her corpse would not need anything to do and so the corpse will be free all the time to travel everywhere. I think people will appreciate it a lot. So the current government and PPP leadership should seriously think about it. And it can also help them in the incoming election a lot. And the BB dead body will be helpful at second time to bring PPP in government again.

The above is only an idea or suggestion and even I myself am a little skeptic about its working. And I am not associated with any political party. And I am not accepting any responsibility of deeds committed by the resultant incoming PPP government. But to be careful, I apologize in advance.

Government Degree College, Khairabad Mardan


Bad and Corrupt Teaching in Khairabad Degree College Mardan

Bad and Corrupt Teaching in Khairabad Degree College Mardan

College name is Khairabad Degree College. It is located on Bunir Road, between Rustam and Shahbaz Gari in Khairabad, Mardan.

It is third major degree college of Mardan district. Students from Sawabi and allMardan regions come here.

In my time, it was a good college, with good teachers. I admire the teachers who were very intelligent and knew how to do teaching. They never wasted our time, though we did wasted theirs and ours. They advised us regularly to not waste time and it very precious thing. And I, personally, learned a lot of from them, and until now they are my role models. Whenever I think about that time, all I do is pray for them.

Now a day, like other government institutes, its worst of its kind. I asked one student about how the teachers are. He told me that about every teacher comes to classes only once in a week, and then students search for them. And when they come, they don’t do any teaching, either they don’t know the actual subject matter or they are not interested at all.

As my field of study is computer science, I asked him about the computer science. He is also a student of computer science and he told me that the teacher name isAurang Zeb or Aorang Zeeb, or Aorang Zeb, whichever is valid, and is from Sawabi. He knows nothing about computer science. He rarely comes to class, and he even can’t come to the first class of the day, since he wakes up late in morning. He has been made lecturer on Sifarash or illegal recommendation and approach of Shah Ram Khan from Sawabi.

Aurang Zeb or Aorang Zeeb, or Aorang Zeb, whichever is valid, used to tell the students that he is doing the tiny amount of teaching only to avoid the embarrassment in some future meetings or confrontations with the students; otherwise he doesn’t give a damn about them and their study.

The student has read computer science for two years and has no concepts about computers and programming. He will have at least 30 to 40 class fellows, and he and his class fellows have wasted their two years. This means, 60 to 80 years of students have been wasted, by one teacher, Aurang Zeb or Aorang Zeeb, orAorang Zeb, whichever is valid.

I asked him about other teachers, and he told me the same story about them also. I will write about them in next posts.

Pakistani Fertilizers and CIA plus Taliban

Why should Pakistan stop fertilizer factories and destroy its agricultural system? Only try to help Americans who started drug production in Afghanistan? If the smuggling of fertilizers from Pakistan are responsible, then why CIA doesn’t target the fertilizer smugglers in Afghanistan instead of killing innocent kids, women, and men in Pakistani tribal regions? The CIA can track down and kill the so called terrorists in Pakistani region but can’t stop Taliban in Afghanistan to transport tonnes of fertilizers to make bombs.

Remember, Taliban stopped drugs in Afghanistan and Americans started it again via CIA, which already has a history, after occupying Afghanistan.

In ten years of occupation in Afghanistan Americans till didn’t understand how complex and hard is to control Pak-Afghan border, which is not well defined and consist of extremely hard-to-access regions and Pakistan could not have proper control from the beginning. And still Americans are playing the blame-game.

Americans have deployed more than 130,000 army and have Afghan army and they have deadly drones of CIA but can’t defend Afghan borders and stop smugglers to provide fertilizer to Taliban. Its and irony. They can’t control Afghanistan and fight and blame Pakistan for their problems.

Pakistanis are suffering most from Afghan war, as Pakistan is feeding millions of Afghans for decades which is hard for its society and economy. And Americans dead-squad are suffering just a little while they are using body parts of innocent Afghans as trophies.


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